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Tailgate Road shirts are now available!  We have long sleeve and short sleeve red or black shirts for sale along with other Lansing Lion merchandise.  Click here to purchase these products on line.  Once you have made your purchase, contact Doniaell at 913-727-1100 to arrange pick up.


Draw String Bag                                         $15.00

Black or Red Visor                                      $15.00

Red Ear Warmer                                          $12.00

Stocking Cap                                               $12.00

Long Sleeve 2-Tone Shirts                         $27.00

Camo Hat                                                     $15.00

irts-long sleeve    Red or Black          $15.00        

T-shirts-short sleeve    Red or Black         $10.00

Stadium chair                                               $50.00
Blanket                                                          $20.00

Golf tees                                                        $13.00               

License plates                                              $7.00

Cups (set of 6)                                              $10.00                                  

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